Episode 35: TLC Psychodramatists Explain the Importance of Psychodrama in the Courtroom

“As psychodramatists, we are storytellers.” Says Louise Lipman, TLC Psychodramatist. “You get a chance to tell the story as it’s happening in the present moment.”  The process of a psychodrama session allows you to take the story out of your brain, put it on the floor and make it 3-dimensional and then it is able to come to life.

Mike Traynor, TLC Psychodramatist, describes Psychodrama as healthy risk-taking. “We work on creating a trusting environment with healthy risk-taking opportunities.”  For lawyers, participating in a psychodrama allows them to have very deep and emotional experiences which can create a lot of insight for attorneys in their case preparation and in the courtroom. “You learn to be present in the moment because psychodrama is always happening in the moment.” The lawyer learns the story inside out and is able to better tell the story of their client during trial.

Included in this Episode

  • Psychodrama deconstructed
  • The elements of psychodramatic techniques
  • How psychodrama helps lawyers in case preparation
  • Psychodrama in the courtroom
  • The benefit of psychodrama used simultaneously with TLC Methods
  • Why attend TLC’s 1-Week Psychodrama for Lawyers Seminar at Thunderhead Ranch?

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Episode 35 Host: TLC Alumni Relations Assistant, Missy Adrian

Missy is TLC’s Alumni Relations Assistant and has been a big part of TLC since 2012. You may remember her cooking your breakfast or making fantastic desserts in the kitchen at Thunderhead Ranch. While you will still see her in the kitchen in the summers, Missy’s dedication to the college and love for the students was apparent so it only deemed necessary for her to expand her role with TLC.

TLC’s Psychodramatist, Louise Lipman

Louise Lipman, TEP, LCSW, CGP is a licensed psychotherapist and certified Trainer, Educator, Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy in a private practice in NYC. She is the Director of Training at the Psychodrama & Creative Arts Therapy Institute, NYC and leads 12 Step Psychodrama Workshops and groups for Female Survivors of Childhood Trauma. She teaches a Literature Review and Exam Prep Course for Psychodrama certification, as well as facilitating weekly Psychodrama Training Groups. Louise is a Past President of the ASGPP; the current President of the NYC chapter of ASGPP; a former member of The ABE;  and a Certified Group Psychotherapist from the American Society of Group Psychotherapy.

TLC’s Psychodramatist, Michael Traynor

Mike Traynor, JD, LCSW, CGP, TEP, works with clients in Albany, New York, and Winter Park, Florida. He facilitates weekly psychodrama groups and periodic psychodrama training workshops locally and nationally. He has served as a board member for the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and is presently an Executive Editor for the Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.  

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