Episode 13: Strong TLC Direct Examination Builds Strong Stories with Betsy Greene

“If you think of a traditional direct examination is kind of 2-dimensional. If you think of a TLC direct examination, it comes to life, it becomes 3-dimensional. It involves all of the scenes. We invite the jury in with us than talking at them. We work on directing re-enactments that allow us to access a compelling truthful story and we do that by literally re-enacting scenes to explore their emotional content.” – Betsy Greene, TLC Grad & Faculty Member

WIN with the most compelling Direct Examination. In this interview with Georgia Regional Faculty Co-Leader Betsy Greene, we dive into the details on how to develop the most compelling story and then how to present it to the jury, positioning you for a winning verdict.

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Interviewing Betsy Greene

Betsy Greene attended her first TLC regional in 2004 which inspired her to apply for the 3-Week TLC-1 College Course in which she graduated from in 2005. Betsy became a TLC Faculty Member in 2010 and has thus taught TLC methods and tools for 8 years. She is recognized as a top 10 lawyer in Indiana in the Super Lawyer’s Magazine for 2017-2018. Betsy has been practicing law for 38 years specializing in personal injury and wrongful death. Betsy will be on the faculty team for July TLC-1 & September TLC-2 College this year, and will also be at the Closing Argument Regional Seminar in Washington in October.

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