Episode 03: Plaintiff’s Attorney Betsy Greene, Shares Insights Gained from Years as a Prosecutor and Later, a Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Evan Lloyd interviews fellow attorney Betsy Greene at the Ranch and covers a range of topics – Betsy’s inspirations for becoming a lawyer (yes, Perry Mason is in the mix), her experiences and unique insight gained from years as a prosecutor and the impact the Trial Lawyers College has had on her path as a personal injury and wrongful death attorney in Indiana.

Included in this Episode

  • Betsy as a Faculty Member at the Trial Lawyers College
  • Betsy’s childhood dream of being a lawyer
  • What it was like for Betsy being an Indiana Prosecutor
  • Going from a Prosecutor to a Personal Injury Trial Attorney

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Interviewing Betsy Greene

Betsy Greene attended her first TLC regional in 2004 which inspired her to apply for the 3-Week TLC-1 College Course in which she graduated from in 2005. Betsy became a TLC Faculty Member in 2010 and has thus taught TLC methods and tools for 8 years. She is recognized as a top 10 lawyer in Indiana in the Super Lawyer’s Magazine for 2017-2018. Betsy has been practicing law for 38 years specializing in personal injury and wrongful death. Betsy will be on the faculty team for July TLC-1 & September TLC-2 College this year, and will also be at the Closing Argument Regional Seminar in Washington in October.

Interviewee, Evan Lloyd

Evan Lloyd graduated from the July college TLC-1 Course in 2015. He has been practicing law for 4 years when he graduated from the Arizona Summit Law School in 2014. He is currently a Trial Attorney in Payson, Arizona.

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