Course material for all CLE courses sponsored by the Trial Lawyers College is available for download below. Printed copies will not be provided at the course.
1 min

Discovering, Preparing and Presenting Powerful Trial Scenes and Themes (from The Warrior, 2005)

Jude Basile

2 min

Emotion in the Courtroom: Persuasion or Poison (from The Warrior, 2011)

Jude Basile

3 min

The Five Essential Ingredients of Success in the Courtroom (from The Warrior, 2003)

Bill Trine

4 min

Psychodrama and the Training of Trial Lawyers: Finding the Story (part one)

Dana Cole

5 min

Psychodrama and the Training of Trial Lawyers: Finding the Story (part two)

Dana Cole

6 min

Psychodrama and Sociodrama (original publication date unknown)

J.L. Moreno

7 min

Promoting Legal Services Ethically in the Wake of an Accident or Disaster (from The Warrior, 2011)

James R. “J.R.” Clary, Jr.

8 min

Use of Psychodramatic Techniques in Lawyer Training: The Beginning (from The Warrior, 2011)

John Ackerman

9 min

About Saddles and Horses (from The Warrior, 2011)

John Nolte

10 min

Communication Techniques for Persuasive Advocacy (from Communication Arts for the Professional, 2002)

Joshua Karton

11 min

TLC Methods at Work

Maren Lynn Chaloupka

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Summer 2019:

John Sloan

Screenshot 2021 04 07 180615 min

Spring 2020 on Covid

John Sloan

It is recommended that all 3-week College attendees read “On Becoming a Person“, by Carl Rogers.