The Courage to Ask: The Psychodrama of Money and Freedom in the Courtroom

The Courage to Ask: The Psychodrama of Money and Freedom in the Courtroom

“Do it! Having never been to an in-person event, I have no idea what I am missing. But regardless, the online version of TLC was deeply meaningful and incredibly educational, both personally and professionally. It was well worth it!”
-TLC course attendee


The Courage to Ask: The Psychodrama of Money and Freedom in the Courtroom


03/25/2022 – 04/01/2022




Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth, WA


This groundbreaking new Trial Lawyers College program speaks to the civil lawyer’s anxiety about “asking for the money” from juries at trial, as well as to the criminal defense lawyer’s need to address money with jurors in financial crimes cases (and with clients themselves). We will make room for the possibility that a lawyer’s anxiety about money in trial really stems from the lawyer’s own relationship with money:

• if you had money (or no money) growing up, and how you really feel about that;

• if you have money (or no money) now, and how you really feel about that;

And don’t forget how the lawyer’s relationship with money intersects with the jurors’ finances, the judge’s finances, the witness’ finances, and so on.

It is not enough to just ask jurors how they feel about “greedy lawyers.” TLC recognizes that it begins with us – how do we feel? What are the stories and experiences in our lives that have become barriers to speaking honestly about money with juries, from voir dire through final argument?

Supported by a seasoned team of TLC faculty and TLC-trained psychodramatists, [at least a 6:1 student-faculty ratio], you will learn innovative TLC methods by doing, not suffering through endless lectures. You will explore your own relationship with money, and find a better way to ask for money – one that is honest and unique to you — than mimicking the arguments of other lawyers. Hands-on, small group work on cases will make your newly-learned methods readily accessible in the courtroom.

Join us, and learn how to win justice for your client.


Sleeping Lady and the land it occupies enjoy a rich and storied past. From the area’s Native American roots, to the 1930s when it was home to Camp Icicle and the Civilian Conservation Corps, to its role today as a leading Northwest destination – Sleeping Lady embodies the natural beauty and history of Leavenworth and the Wenatchee Valley.


All Trial Lawyers College courses are taught by graduates of the College, who volunteer their time, talents and resources to provide high-quality training not offered in any other CLE program. Because our faculty are volunteers, and are actively practicing in their respective firms, our faculty list is subject to change.

Faculty leaders: Tom Metier, Vicki Slater, Andy Vickery


Course will begin at 5:00pm on opening day and end by Noon on closing day. More details will be sent to registered students as the course nears. The schedule is fluid at this time, and we ask that you do not book airline tickets until you have received the final agenda for this course.


Proof of vaccination will be required for all participants (faculty & students) attending TLC’s in-person programs.

Indoor masking is required of all participants. Bring your own supply of face masks for travel and the duration of the course.

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Course Materials & Prerequisites

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Registration deadline is the Monday prior to the course start date unless the course is full prior to that.

Applicant must be a member of their State Bar in good standing. Must also be a plaintiff’s lawyer, public defender, or a criminal defense lawyer. TLC does not offer training to attorneys who are an employee of a corporation, insurance firm or of the federal government (other than legal services or public defenders).”

Food, Lodging & Roommates

“Proof of Covid-19 vaccination and indoor masking will be required. The course fee includes tuition, and double-occupancy hotel room and meals at the Sleeping Lady Resort. You will be assigned to a room with at least one other lawyer of the same gender. Bring earplugs in case your roommate is a snorer.
Dress code: Plan to dress in comfort, not in style. For classtime, sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and casual outfits are appropriate. The venue offers ample opportunity to experience the great outdoors, so bring weather-appropriate outerwear as well.”

Travel Information

An email will be sent to registered attendees with course information. Due to Covid protocols, there will be no TLC-arranged shuttle. Please make your own ground transportation arrangements.”


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