About TLC

TLC Mission Statement


The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to
training and educating lawyers and judges
who are committed to the jury system and
to representing and obtaining justice for
individuals: the poor, the injured, the
forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and
government oppression.

In all of its activities, the Trial Lawyers
College will foster and nourish an open
atmosphere of caring for people regardless
of their race, age, creed, religion, national origin, physical abilities, gender or sexual
orientation. We do not offer training for
those lawyers who represent government,
corporations or large business interests.

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Our Commitment

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The Trial Lawyers College is committed to training a new breed of lawyer — a warrior who has the courage to become a real person first, and who then has the heart to fight for justice in their own passionate voice.

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Our History


Chartered in 1994, TLC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit led by a Board of Directors committed to providing the superior curriculum, faculty and staff that are the foundation of the Trial Lawyers College. The curriculum we have developed since 1994 is based on psychodrama – putting words and stories into action – and every TLC course and seminar will teach you these skills to help you choose your cases, understand your clients and the underlying stories in their cases ,and be the strongest and most effective advocate that you can be in your fight for justice.

Our Team

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TLC’s faculty consists of top trial lawyers from across the nation. They volunteer their time and cover their own travel expenses to teach at TLC courses and share what they have learned and honed at the Trial Lawyers College. The faculty is rounded out by our team of a communication expert and psychodramatists who are trained to work with the lawyer faculty to teach how to blend the psychodramatic methods with trial skills, as well as how to effectively present your case in the courtroom with your voice and your style, rather than an attempt to mimic someone else.

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Our Courses


See Course Schedule 2022 for details.  All in person TLC course comply with CDC guidelines to COVID-19.

Our Resources

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The Warrior Magazine is TLC’s official quarterly publication. It is a valuable resource and archive for trial lawyers who constantly draw on TLC methods for their case preparation and trial skills in the courtroom.

TLC Blog and Podcasts found under the “Connect” Tab.

TLC Alumni Brief Archive: provides a searchable archive of various filings and decisions in notable cases as shared by TLC Alumni for the sole benefit of other TLC Alumni. TLC Appellate Support Team is a service to help alums identify issues for appeal, prepare the record and represent their clients on appeal. A team of Warriors who practice in the state and federal courts, in civil and criminal cases, is now available to assist you in continuing your connection and service to your client — and in improving the state of the law for all — during appeal.

2022 Registrations and Applications are Open!


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